Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pyla Royal Tombs

We stopped by for a brief visit to the Pyla Royal Tombs.  The tomb is in the shape of a cross with 3 separate rooms.  The 2 rooms that flank the sides have a slab sarcophagus wall holding 1 sarcophagus each.  The rear room, however, held 2 of these slabs sarcophagus structures.  The walls look like bath tubs to me, to be fair, it was hot that day and I was very tired, a Calgon bath sounded great at the time.

The steps were very steep and worn down by the effects of weather.  The steps leading down to, and the main entrance area was covered in litter.  Thankfully, it doesn't look like the inside of the tombs were treated badly at all, so please ignore the trash in the photos.

The tomb was built in 5th Century B.C.  It was built as an "elite" tomb, there were many idols that were found on the inside which supports this theory.  It is believed to be a boundary marker for the nearby village, travelers understood that beyond this point the land was spoken for.

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