Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Best. Steak fries. Ever.

So I had a 3 hour layover in London Heathrow, I was kind of hungry but I wasn't sure what to have.  So I walked around for a bit, which I feel that I should mention that LHR is a HUGE airport.  I always here people say that MSP is big, it is tiny in comparison.  The terminal for outbound Middle East destinations alone is about the size of SFO.

After looking at all of my options I decided to give "The Tin Goose" a whirl.  It looked about as British as any American pub trying to do British would be.  The menu is what brought me in though.  There were lots of dishes I had never even heard of, some I didn't even know how to pronounce.  Odd I know, being that it is in English.

I decided I wanted to try the special that was posted on the board.  "Fish fingers, soup of the day, potato frites."  I assumed the frites were fries and the soup was a tomato based fish soup, all OK in my book.  The waiter comes over and I asked him to pronounce the dish, which I can't remember what it was called now, but then he explained it was basically a tapas plate.  Hey, I'm all for tapas, but I was hungry.

I noticed at the table next to me that there was a gentleman with a cutting board and on it was a bowl, a small plate that was empty, and a wire basket of these golden brown delicious looking objects (I also noticed he was wearing Prada athletic shoes, but that's another story), I wasn't sure what they were, I thought maybe it was the fish fingers.  So I asked the waiter, what is that?  He simply said "Gammon."  Well OK then, gammon it is!  I also ordered a "Draught Coca-cola," which I have to admit, was pretty damn awesome on it's own.  It tasted like American coke, but was smooth like root beer, without that 'coke' bite.

So, the waiter finally drops off my food which was on a large plate, where's the cutting board?  I noticed immideatly there was a pile of those golden brown delicious objects, and a over-easy egg sitting on top of a piece of fried ham.  Really?  This is dinner?  Throw on some toast and it's breakfast in America.  I am assuming that the waiter thought I was pointing at something else, but I didn't want to make a fuss, so I just stuck with the plate.

The ham steak was really salty, even by American standards, but oh man...  those puffs of golden brown deliciousness?  BEST.  STEAK FRIES.  EVER.  I don't know what they were called if they had happen to have a different name, but to me they were steak fries.  They were fried to perfect crunchy coat on the outside, the potato inside was a light and puffy, and their shape were soft, rounded edges.  Which is why I had no idea what they were.  The meal as a whole kind of sucked, but those fries and that draught coke more than made up for it.

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