Monday, June 14, 2010


I found the program Photosynth quite sometime ago, I'm not exactly sure, but I think it was in 2008 sometime.  I have a Photosynth of one of my World of Warcraft characters in a synth just to see if I could do a 2-D image and transform it into a 3-D "like" image, and it seemed to work.  There is also one of Dexter right after he came home from Obedience Boot Camp, and that was over the summer of 2008.

Anyways, I keep forgetting to use it, mostly because I wasn't comfortable taking pics with underpowered point-and-shoot digicam, but now that I have a decent D-SLR, I am more willing to give it a go.  I was able to snap some photos when I was in Cyprus that I thought would be decent, but then I realized all I ever shot was panoramas.  When I got to London, I shot a really nice one of Lely's Venus, it turned out decent, but I know where my mistakes were.

Here's the link to my Photosynth page...

Here is a link for a decent guide to get you started on taking Photosynth shots.

Anyways, have fun, tell me what you think.  I'm try and shoot really good ones this week while I'm in Breckenridge and Denver.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Things I miss from home

In no particular order...

My memory foam mattress
Feather-bed mattress topper
My sheets
My pillow
Stable internet
High-speed internet
Late night chats with Kim
My Jeep
The hot tub
Pizza (Dominos/Sbarro)
Our extremely comfortable couch and my fuzzy throw
The shower where I can fully turn around and not hit a wall
My chef jacket
Not having to throw used toilet paper in the trash
Cruising around campus
Going to class
Playstation 3