Monday, February 8, 2010

Media Room Remodel

We're trying to decide if we want to move our media center upstairs into the formal living room and turn it into a home theater.  Over the past 4 years, we've upgraded all of our electronic equipment; I have a 7.1 Channel Receiver/Amp, 60" HDTV, 8 Bose Speaker system, DTV-DVR, a Blu-Ray player, and a PS3 I can stream from my computer.  So thankfully, all the electronic gear is covered.  If we do, it will require a new set of furniture for seating, drapery, a rug of some sort, and more than likely the walls and ceiling will have to be ripped out and redone.

We're estimating the project to run about 10 grand for everything, but we think it will be good in the long run because most families are putting home theaters in their homes anyways.  Since we'll be redoing the walls and ceiling, I'll be able to run HDMI, Ethernet, and all the other speaker wires necessary for it.

We're just testing it out right now.  The entertainment center is way to large, so we left the towers and bridge downstairs for now.  We jsut moved the TV, the TV stand, PS3, and DVR upstairs.  For seating, we're just gonna grab 2 futons from Target since they are cheap, and when we're done with them, well then we have extra beds if need be.

Very exciting!

 (The room in it's current state)

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